Archie Green and The CLASS Movement

I spoke with The Poetry Question on CLASS, Music and Lyrics. Check it out.

The Poetry Question


A few years ago I stumbled across the name SoulKlap on Kevin Nottingham’s website. Notthingham doesn’t give out his endorsements to new hip hop artists very easily, and so when he does, it’s a good sign to that something big is about to happen. I was at a place in my life where I was really trying to do some collaborations with hip hop artists, and SoulKlap’s music was exactly where I heard myself heading. The lyrics were honest, the beats and production were perfect for the style, and everything just seemed really fresh and on point. I reached out to him, and we ended up not only working on a few tracks together, but becoming really good friends. We connected over the fact that there are way too many fake people in the music world, and that if more people took a moment to be a bit more humble…

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Archie Green – “Complex II GQ”


As a token of my appreciation for my supporters raising $500 towards The Greatest Pretender Indiegogo CampaignI’ve decided to liberate a new track from the project.  The song is titled, “Complex II GQ.”  It is a song that discusses the evolution of style from Hypebeast to grown man status.


CLASS Is The Life