“We’ve been bigging-up Cleveland-born rapper/producer Archie Green…[Listening to Archie] feels like a mixture between the lyrical content and beats of Kanye West’s College Dropout and the rapping gymnastics of Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt. ” – VICE

Cleveland, Ohio rapper/producer Archie Green in many ways is unconventional in today’s era of rap. Green refuses to put on a “rapper suit” instead opting to be himself – what a novel idea.

Having earned a Master’s degree [in Music Business] from NYU, Green is an educated man and he raps like it. His eloquent rhymes coupled with soulful beats have deep rooted influences from hip-hop staples Jay Z and Kanye West.  However, his message, versatility and authenticity can be compared to the realness of fellow Cleveland-bred artist, Kid Cudi and respected rapper/producer, J. Cole. 

“Archie Green has written music for Converse and been featured on a Talib Kweli mixtape, but in 2016 he began his biggest project yet: Bringing attention to mental health through hip-hop.” – Cleveland.com

In 2016, Archie became an advocate for mental health, having himself been a victim of clinical depression.  His introspective single on overcoming his personal demons, “Layers,” which was premiered at VICE, garnered over 25,000 streams in 2 weeks.  The 31 year old artist has spoken to various media  outlets on the subject such as BBC News, NPR, VICE, and various Cleveland television and printed media as well.

“I realized [my story is] something bigger than me,” Green stated to Cleveland.com. “[Sharing my story] is about saving and changing lives.”

With his mental health awareness program, “Peel Dem Layers Back,” Green partners with mental health professionals and other local entertainers to help start the conversation on a long-termed ‘taboo’ subject.  The difference in the Cleveland rapper’s approach to awareness is using Hip-Hop and the arts as a vehicle to communicate to an untapped demographic.

Archie’s brand is CLASS.  CLASS is an acronym which stands for Creatively Learning to Achieve Sustainable Success.  He is just as passionate about learning and education as he is about music.  CLASS is a lifestyle that encourages one to learn and acquire new skills everyday to become successful.  CLASS is also a way of life touching on etiquette, appearance and honoring one’s roots.

With the hats of rapper, songwriter, producer, and mental health advocate ARCHIE GREEN plans to keep things CLASSY in the music world.

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