The Greatest Pretender EP Indiegogo Campaign

Announcing The Greatest Pretender EP Indiegogo Campaign! Today marks the day that I’ve decided to go to family, friends, and fans to help me release my new EP with CLASS. The goal is to raise $1300 with the funds going to the mixing and mastering of the project, and the release and promotion of my music video for the new single, “40 Acres.”  Donors will receive various rewards for their support, including an exclusive beat made by me!!!  Head over to the Official TGP Indiegogo Campaign page now to bring this EP to life!!!



Archie Green's The Greatest Pretender EP. Coming Fall/Winter 2013.

Archie Green’s The Greatest Pretender EP. Coming Fall/Winter 2013.

Archie Green – 40 Acres [Prod. by Randall Thomas]


It’s finally here!!!  The first single from my new EP, The Greatest Pretender. “40 Acres” is a story about my upbringing, my trials, my blessings and my true determination to make it as an artist.  I chose this image because it is a sign of true CLASS, with young African-American Debutantes & Beaux taking part in a traditional Cotillion Ball.  A Cotillion is a formal ball that serves as an event where its young participants and their accomplishments are presented to their respective communities.  As a member of Jack & Jill Of America, taking part in the annual J&J Cotillion was a celebrated tradition of the many affluent African-American families in my community growing up.  Produced by the homie, Randall Thomas.